Drone Visuals Capture Notre Dame Fire Devastation | NBC News

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Drone Visuals Capture Notre Dame Fire Devastation | NBC News

NBC News

Drone photography captures a 360-degree image of the devastation caused by a massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The raging fire, which broke out on Monday, caused the spire to collapse and destroyed most of the roof.
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Drone Visuals Capture Notre Dame Fire Devastation | NBC News




  1. Hey HUMANS!
    Animals in the oceans are dying of starvation, and some on land are been murdered for for body parts. The oceans are contaminated with trash and chemical waste.
    And you all idiots are sad and worry about reconstructing some building? You humans really have your head up in your button

  2. What is so sad is they are willing to put billions into a building. Building worshipping? Its seems to run against Christianity. How about take the billions and use it to help the poor. This is greed for a symbol. People are easily fooled. A billion dollars? Greedy hearts is what i see.

  3. This is awful. I hope they can restore the damage and make this just another blip in the building's long history. Still, I'm glad I got to go inside a few years back and I'm glad I still have all those photos.

  4. Hope it is rebuilt in the spirit and style of the original. Would love to see a lot of the money to go for teaching sculptors, artists and engineers as the rebuilding is performed.

  5. satan has gotten permission from our Creator to mislead those who do not believe in the Almighty Creator. All because he has a grudge against humans. he is the one who made up 4200 fake and false religions from ONLY ONE CREATOR. he invited Monsanto to poison our foods and those other companies to make process foods in order to give us slow suffering deaths with so many different diseases as the consequences of our disbeliefs. he is like those terrorists who has been contaminating our water, air and food supplies in order to make us suffer as the consequences of our own disbelief in our Creator. he is in full control of media and those so called religious leaders who are raping the hearts and souls of the disbelievers with bunch of nonsense lies that you cannot find them in those original scriptures. Yet, he has no power on those who truly worship our Creator Alone and those are just a few. And he has permission to share with your money and children in order to pursue his corruptions. That is why in just a couple days he ordered his allies to come up with a billion dollar in order to rebuilt his place of idol worship. According to the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics there was never a person in history called "Jesus", but "E-Saw" son of Maryam and he never did crucified nor resurrected. Yet those illiterate preachers who were given power by satan added those fake verses in so called Bible through the years in order to mislead people. Remember so called Bible was written by the hands of those mislead preachers. Thank the Almighty Who closed this church of idol worship for few years now. The worst is yet to come.

  6. Its very sad what happen to the church indeed . However do we need to build a BILLION dollar church . Thats so much money . Its so much money that could make such a big difference around the world . GOD does NOT care about a billion dollar building . He care you are kind and treat each other with respect . He does not wanna see war or humans taking each other apart . Build more schools and hospitals in france or around the world with that money . Also doesnt the church have insurance for stuff like this ? this is greed to think we need a billion dollar church in order to pray . I pray everyday day and god listens if im in church or in my apt .

    The good news in all this is, that no one died in this fire, while wood and stone can be replaced, and even improved, despite the haters. Hopefully, the future roof will be made if possible, of non-flammable material, like steel and aluminium beams, including the spire; and like a phoenix rising from its ashes, maybe this old cathedral could become better than ever, as a model for environment friendly clean energy with new generation solar panels roofing, like a shining beacon on the whole world.

    La bonne nouvelle dans tout cela, c'est que personne n'est mort dans cet incendie, alors que le bois et la pierre peuvent être remplacés, voire améliorés, malgré les haineux. Espérons que le futur toit sera fabriqué, si possible, en matériau ininflammable, comme des poutres en acier et aluminium, y compris la flèche; et comme un phénix renaissant de ses cendres, peut-être même que cette vieille cathédrale pourrait devenir mieux que jamais, comme un modèle d'énergie propre et plus respectueux de l'environnement, avec une toiture de panneaux solaires nouvelle génération, comme un phare sur le monde entier.

    1. https://www.minds.com/media/964964783970598912?referrer=Renaud1000000
    2. https://gab.com/Renaudonemillion/posts/OUIzSG16QlFaZEFPT1BrdjNnZXVTZz09
    3. https://friends.freezoxee.com/post/193239

    #NotreDameDeParis #FireNotreDameDeParis #RebuildNotreDameDeParis

  8. 3 Historic Black churches get burned down by a White Nationalist and the U.S. won't offer to help rebuild them. They don't even cover them in the news.

  9. Such a sad loss – imagine if the $1 billion they are saying it will take to restore it was used for _actual good_. Feeding/housing the homeless, treating the ill, etc. But nope, once again HUGE amounts of money will be wasted on bronze age beliefs. Notre Dame is beautiful, I've been there, just sad that so much is wasted on such ancient and oppressive beliefs. I look forward to the day humanity wakes up from the fairy tales of religion and embraces actual reality.

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