Food Photography Lighting – Creating Depth

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Food Photography Lighting - Creating Depth

The Bite Shot

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Food Photography




  1. Just that little candle behind you adds so much to the shot.

  2. Great content and video. The possibilities are endless, aren't they? Lots of experimentation and shots required to nail desired and unexpected great photos.

  3. OMG OMG this is what is wrong with my photos!!!! This right here. How did I never see it?! Thank you! I have just been staring at my photos shaking a fist, wondering what I'm doing that's dragging down my photos so much lol! So helpful. I just took notes like in class hahah

  4. I love your book club. Going to go bankrupt early lol. I'm using it as advices also for the gifts to my creative friends

  5. Hi ! First I wanna say that I love your videos ! I am learning so much , I am a pastry Chef and for health reasons i have to stay at home so i am learning how to take pictures because i will like make a youtube channel but i have a issue which i will appreciate your opinion , my kitchen is dark so no way i start with videos there i cant buy lights because i am not working now but i was thinking in get a folding table and put the table next to a window where i will record , my plan is only show what i am doing , do you think the folding table is going to look bad because i see you try to put a flat surface and what do you think about the location ? What can i add or change ? Thank you so much

  6. Another great video, i'm grabbing a copy of that book right away ! Thanks for the brilliant work 😉

  7. This helped me so much answering why my pictures look a bit flat. I do only use natural light and I mostly work with light coming from the side of the object (the food). I have tried with backlight but that makes it way too harsh and shadowy almost every time. Not the pleasant amount of shadows like you had. Why is it like that? ☺️ If anyone here could help too I would be very thankful. 😄

  8. Nice Video.
    Could you do a video on how to set a certain mood? for example candles and soft light to infer a romantic or elegant situation? I think I got the basic idea down but I would love to see how you would approach the topic. I want to shoot a wine bottle and glass setup with grapes and moisture drops on the bottle. EDIT: never mind I just did a search and see you got some videos on Dark Photography I'll give those a watch later on toinght.

    I love to do Black and White Photography but all my clients want color. I got my start in photography developing black and white film and making prints only now with digital it is way easier (also less messy and smelly) and shooting Raw gives you a ton of adjustment in photoshop.

  9. If your camera has a B&W shooting mode, where you can see in B&W, you can use that while composing and setting up the lights to see the tones… then when that looks right, switch back to the color and see the difference, or try and see the tones in color…

  10. Light, Sciences, & Magic is the BEST photography book EVER. Every single photographer should own and read this book.

  11. Thanks Joanie. I ordered the book. I'm enjoying my learning curve about photography and light, but I'm wrestling with haze and glare. The cookbook images I love the most seem to be perfectly clean, with no glare or extraneous light "noise". Is this only possible in a windowless room with carefully controlled lights, or can these images be made with natural lighting? I want my food to really pop, without being overly contrasted.

  12. It's great to learn how to control light to your advantage and that cheesecake looks fantastic. Can you share the recipe?

  13. I loooove your videos. I was not even interested in food photography. But then, I have watched couple of your tips and I am now all into food photography. 😂

  14. So happy my windows are already straight 😂. I had to laugh so hard. But really, another amazing video! I truly appreciate your content. Keep up the amazing work!

  15. A pro tip tutorial on high gloss ceramics would be great. I, fortunately have access to hundreds of hand made plates. Some are ceramic, terracotta, porcelain..however it is the high gloss ones that cause the biggest issue. Getting the lighting to illuminate the food, without creating a bright reflection off the plate rim can be a nuisance.

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