Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography

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Making Real Money:  The Business of Commercial Photography


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Making Real Money is a photography tutorial unlike anything we have ever released. Hosted by Monte Isom, a New York City based advertising and commercial photographer, Making Real Money focuses on how to land big paying jobs and how to maximize your profits.

This 14+ hour long tutorial covers everything from winning bids, creating invoices, doing taxes, negotiating with clients, writing estimates, copyrighting your work, making money off infringements, marketing your work to the right people, and understanding how to budget for photoshoots costing upwards of $100,000.

If you are a proficient photographer who is already making amazing images, but you do not have the clients and business you would like, this tutorial will be the best investment you will ever make in your photography career.
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  1. I learned all that info for free…. it just takes time and passion to get it! It won't have any value paying 300 bucks for it if people can't buy it ,afford it , or understand the sacrifice it takes to get it. It is all important info , but in today's gimme gimme gimme I need it now society … you will see it getting abused. Plus it doesnt address the Stock industries who are stealing USAGE

  2. People will spend $100k for a degree that gets them a $40k job or even $1500 on a camera body to "improve their photography," but a $300 business course seems steep? That's cheaper than an intro to business class at a community college. Just the billing templates and legal templates are worth more than $300.

  3. 14 hours worth of instruction as a digital download you can review over and over versus paying way more for a 3 day class is worth the expense. Especially since you will use that info to increase your photography business income on a commercial level. Plus it is about the cost of a low end lens, a low cost lighting kit or a website subscription and can be written off later. It is a business investment and if you feel it will help your business, the price is reasonable. However, if you are a hobbyist and just learning the business side, maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble will be better suited as a start. Then get the download later if you feel it truly aligns with your photography business goals.

  4. I'd love to get this, I really would. But the last one I bought was absolute junk and didn't offer anything that I didn't already know, or wasn't already on dozens of sites already for free.

  5. It took me five minutes to figure out this just a promo video…. for a different video. Time waster.

  6. … nice to see that even baldies can make money in this world 🙂
    So great to see real people who are successful no matter how inferior they look!
    In a world where kardashians make millions, it is so nice to see that less attractive people can also do well too … good on yer mate!

  7. Very interesting but this appears very much USA orientated. Here in Europe we have a different mentality so I feel much of the content will not apply to our market. The trailer is very tempting, I would love to purchase this course but feel due to its limitations (US market) I may well be wasting my money.

  8. Just finished watching the videos. I've been focused in editorials more than anything else and I wasn't sure if this tutorial was for me. I started using Agency Access recently but I felt something else was missing. I'm astonished and thankful for the very informative content you all created here. It exceeded my expectations and I feel you answered all the questions I've always been asking myself. You went way beyond what I was expecting.
    Thanks again!

  9. Did that workshop with FStoppers in 2015… It's the best info that I've had so far for my business operations. Monte is a great speaker and business owner!

  10. sensationalist bullshit, these guys like you and me are just trying to run a business. If you think you can watch this and actually budget a shoot worth 100k, you're delusional. There are thousands of photographers out there who could replace monte, but monte just knows the right people and sends out the right emails.

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