SHOOTING MANUAL: Food Photography Foundations (PART 5)

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SHOOTING MANUAL: Food Photography Foundations (PART 5)

The Bite Shot

Before we jump into all of the fancy pants food photography stuff, I need to know everyone knows the basics of operating a camera in manual mode. This video is the fifth of five and covers the topic of shooting in manual and is an overview of the past four videos.

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Get on the insider list for e-mail updates about new videos, special promotions and insider food photography tips!
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  1. No, no, God bless you, ya awesome lady!! Am taking time off just to watch everything u made 1st coz i love u, 2nd cos I gotta put my baby Nikon to use.
    Thank you so very much!

  2. I'm trying to get myself a little bit into food photography for an upcoming blog and I'm binge watching all your videos!😍😍😍 You can explain very complicated things in such a nice and clear way❤ Plus I love your personality😁💕 I mean, who would ever learn all this stuff reading a book when we can enjoy your tutorials??😻😻😻 Thanks so much, looking forward new tutorials from you!❤ Have a nice day🌈

  3. Hi!! I have a Canon 600D but I need a better one because of my videos. What do you think about Sony A 6000? I'm doing food photographie and videos making that recipe. I don't have lots of budget 🙁
    Thank you <3

  4. You should do a series where you critique people's food photos in a positive and helpful manner. I think it would be cool.

  5. Watched all 5 videos, now if I don't get back to work, I could be in trouble! lol… Great videos!

  6. Thanks Joanie for sharing all this knowledge. I love your channel because there is so much good information and you are very fun to watch. Keep going! This is all so helpfull!

  7. Joanie, thanks for sharing your process. I never knew there was a logical way to start your photo settings.  On a related note, regarding white balance, I don't understand how to read the histograms for color and white balance. Could you help with that? I don't have your discerning eye for color temperature, but maybe on a histogram I could make better corrections.

  8. I wish i had your patience to teach . I am like go learn the exposure triangle ISO shutter and aperture , how they relate to each other in stops and the creative side effects of each one and get out of auto then come back and we can begin , but you put it all across so well , and ok so you look like hot to die for gorgeous with the make up on but also without and so refreshing just doing your thing without all so inspired to help others , I liked that , A.

  9. You are gorgeous , too exhausted to say more for now sept you got it all together over every aspect , you help the absolute beginner to really advanced levels too and with so much respect for all , wot you teach also covers almost every other genre too and can be applied all over .

  10. Great stuff, loved the foundation, I think i am ready to jump to manual mode after shying away from it for quite long, would love to see how u shoot ur videos both in day and night

  11. Thank you for these tutorials! I have read articles and watched videos about photography for months and not until now have I truly understood what all these terms mean. I don't do food photography, but craft photos are pretty similar and I'm much more confident to shoot in manual mode now 🙂

  12. Can you please make video on using the correct camera picture style (auto, standard, vivid)? Also can you please talk about the different metering modes and which are best suited to product and food photography?

  13. Just a tip of what I learnt in Photography classes: If you shoot in RAW, it is actually way better to over expose a little bit the image rather than under expose it, not much, just a stop or two.
    The reason is that if you lighten up a shadowy area, specially at a high ISO, you end up with grain and even noise (those weird colour spots) in that area.

  14. wow!! you do explain clearly, I took a photography class and couldn't understand what you explain here! thank you so much, keep it simple

  15. Hi it's me again lol
    Where can i send you my soaps pictures?
    Bcs i want you to give me some tips and tricks to improve my style:)

  16. Great series, can't wait to see the rest Joanie. Changing the settings on the Canon T5i are very simple with the touch screen. BTW, I use a 50mm prime lens on my T5i for photos and video.

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